Terms of use 

1 Introduction 
These terms govern the operation of the website of a KALIMERA store  under the electronic addresses www.kalimeraskopelos.gr  and www.kalimeraskopelos.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Store” “), The use of the Online Store by its visitors (hereinafter” User “), as well as the conduct of distance transactions through it by customers (hereinafter” Customer “) of the Sole Proprietorship” SKAMAGA MARIA “, with the distinctive title” a KALIMERA (CLOTHING TRADE – JEWELERY) “(hereinafter” Business “), under the ownership and management of which it is. 
2. Use of the Online Store 
2.1 The Online Store has been created by the Sole Proprietorship and operates with the sole purpose of promoting its products (hereinafter “Products”) via the Internet, ordering and purchasing Products remotely from Customers, as well as the two-way communication of the Company with Customers and Users for issues related to its activity and its Products and their relevant information. 
2.2 From the use of the Online Store and only it is presumed that the Customer or the User have read, understand and accept fully and unconditionally these Terms of Use and that they are bound by them in their entirety. In case a Customer or User does not agree with one or more terms, he must refrain from any use of the Online Store and the conduct of any transaction through it. 
3. Registration of the Customer as a member of the Online Store 
3.1 The Customer can buy Products through the Online Store only if he has registered as a member. The registration is done once during the process of the first Product purchase. The Customer must register his name, shipping address of the Products, his email address (email) and contact phone number. 
3.2 All the above personal data of the Customer are governed by the privacy policy of the Company. 
3.3 The Company will never ask the Customer to register through its website or to send it via email, during its registration as a member or later, information related to its credit cards. 
3.4 The Customer is obliged to inform the Online Store for any change of the above data. 
4. Order and purchase of Products 
4.1 The Customer, if he is legally competent under Greek law, will select the Product he wishes to buy from the Online Store and will add it to his shopping cart. The description of each Product, its colors and sizes are listed next to it, as well as its price, which includes the legal VAT. When the Customer selects all the Products he wishes to buy, he will be informed by the Online Store about their total value, their shipping cost, if any, as well as the cash on delivery cost if he has chosen the specific payment method. The Customer will then choose how to pay for the Products. 
4.2 The Company has the right to change the prices of the Products without prior notice to the Customers. In any case, the price mentioned next to the Product at the time of ordering by the Customer is the one valid for its purchase. 
4.3 In case the Products of the Company are sold at lower prices than their normal ones (offers), these prices will be valid until the stocks of each Product are exhausted. 
5. Payment of Products 
The Customer can pay in any of the following ways he chooses: 
5.1 COD – € 4.00 
5.2 Credit / Debit card – € 0.00 
5.3 Bank deposit – € 0.00 
The Customer can pay in any of the following ways he chooses: 
5.4 Credit / Debit card – € 0.00 
Make a secure payment using your credit, debit or Prepaid card. 
5.5 Bank deposit – € 0.00 
After depositing the money, please send us the copy of the deposit by e-mail to mskamaga@gmail.com  
6. Order Delivery 
6.1 For the shipment of the Products and the collection of cash on delivery, the Company cooperates with the courier company “ACS”. Deliveries are made daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 9:00 to 17:00. 
6.2 The cost of shipping products for shipments within Greece is € 4.00. 
6.3 The delivery time of the Products depends on the place of delivery chosen by the Customer. For shipments within Athens, the delivery time ranges from 2 to 3 days, while for the region from 2 to 4 days. 
7. Product Replacement 
The Customer has the right to request replacement of a defective Product, within seven (7) working days, in case the Company sends a Product that is defective or is not what the Customer ordered. Then, the latter has the right to return it to the Company in order to be replaced free of charge of the Customer’s return costs and shipping costs to those of the new Product. In the event that the specific Product has been exhausted, and the Customer does not wish to purchase another Product, then the Company will refund. 
8. Change 
8.1 The Customer has the right to change a Product within fourteen (14) days from the date of transaction necessarily with proof of purchase. The costs of the first change are free, while for each subsequent one the costs amount to five (5) euros and are charged to the customer (detailed information can be found at the corresponding link: “Product Changes” 
8.2 The change of a Product is possible only if the Product is in the same condition as the one received by the Customer and its packaging has not been opened. 
9. Business Responsibility 
9.1 The Company is not responsible for delay or inability to execute this due to events of force majeure, such as strike of means of transport, etc. The Company in any such case is entitled to an extension for the implementation of its obligations under this. 
9.2 The Company is not responsible for the selection of the Products for which the Customer remains solely and exclusively responsible. 
9.3 The Company has taken all the necessary measures, as required by normal practice, for the high level of security and protection exclusively of the Online Store and its own systems. The Company, given the nature of the Internet, does not guarantee the non-existence of viruses and is not responsible in case of damage to the equipment, software, files or other damage of the User or the Customer, which is caused by a virus. 
9.4 For the security of transactions using cards, the Company bears no responsibility as all transactions are carried out in a secure environment of Eurobank Ergasias Bank, where the Customer enters his card details. 
10. Consumer Rights 
These Terms of Use do not affect any right of the Customer, which derives from the applicable consumer protection legislation. 
11. Protection of Personal Data 
11.1 All the personal data of the User or the Customer, which are sent by email to the Company or are registered by the Customer during the purchase of the Products, are and remain confidential. 
11.2 The Company informs the User and the Customer that it will process, both itself and third parties by order and on its behalf, its personal data that are sent via email or registered to it, as follows: 
a) Type of data: i. Regarding the electronic messages (e-mails) submitted: The data filled in by the Store User when sending the electronic message and ii. Regarding the data when ordering a Product:   The personal data that are registered as well as those that may arise during the purchase. 
b) Purpose of processing: a) Service of the User and the Customer during his navigation on the website and the use of the Online Store, b) order, purchase, replacement and change of products, c) defense of the interests of the Company and fulfillment of its obligations by Law and d) public promotion of the Company. 
12. Modifications – Shutdown 
12.1 The Company is entitled to modify the Terms of Use, within the framework of the applicable legislation, and to post the amended text on the website. Subsequent to the modifications use of the website by the User and the Customer implies acceptance of these modifications. 
12.2 The Company is entitled to modify the Content of the Online Store, to add or remove Products, information and data and to temporarily or permanently suspend its operation, when it deems it necessary or prudent. 
13. Intellectual Property Rights 
13.1 Any use of the Online Store or its content, e.g. texts, graphics, images, etc. (hereinafter collectively “Content”) by User, Customer or third parties for profit is prohibited, such as retransmission, publication, adaptation, release, presentation to the public, deletion, printing, copying and storage (download) of Content. 
In particular, the publication by any third party in other media, electronic or printed, of photos of the Online Store is allowed provided that they are not used for profit, are not altered, are not falsified and always state their source (www.kalimeraskopelos.gr) . 
14. Links 
The Company may from time to time post links on the Website which lead to third party websites, in particular social media. The Company is not responsible for the content of these websites, as it does not carry out any control over them and does not maintain any relationship with their owners. The Company does not provide a guarantee to the Users as to the quality or correctness of the information contained in them. 
15. Applicable law – Jurisdiction 
These Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. Any dispute from the present is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. In case the User or the Customer uses the Online Store from a third country, they are obliged to comply with the legislation of that country. 
16. Data Acquisition / Deletion According to the GDPR: 
In our online store you have the ability to download or delete the personal data collected by us. In case you are a registered user you will have to login to your account and by clicking on the icon of your account you will see the two options (Delete and View) that we have prepared for you. In any other case or if you have ordered as a visitor to our online store you can still request the sending of your data or their deletion by sending us an email through the information that you will find on our contact page.