The online shopping can turn into a real nightmare when you can’t try on the clothes in real time. Also because it is about handmade and unique clothes our measurements are made approximately. The best way to make accurate measurements of your body type is using a measuring tape, afterwards you can look up to the product size list so you can find the corresponding clothing size.

Except that in case you have the slightest doubt about the dimensions of a certain product don’t hesitate to contact with us, so we can answer to you accurately about the length and width of the cloth as well as to guide you with our experience to find the right size for you and your kid.

Contact info: 2424024171(available Mon-Fri from 10:00 until 16:00, Saturday 10:00 till 14:00) email info: is always at your disposal for any question. Do not hesitate! We will be glad to hear from you.



How to measure (All measurements in this chart are body measurements in cm)



  1. Bust


This measurement should be taken directly under the armpits and doubled




Your waist is around 2,5 cm above the belly button.

Remove your shirt or raise it above your waistline and lower your pants. You need to make the measurement on your skin, not over clothing.



Move the measuring tape so that it is at the widest point of your buttocks .